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“La huerta valenciana” (the orchard area of Valencia, where the farm fields are) has become a little paradise to buy and to invest in, due to its traditional architecture, its tranquility still being nearby to a big city and most of all due to the privilege of living in a protected natural space without pollution. The Spanish Law protects this area (both south and north of Valencia) which has landed in the buildings and farm lands to have a special recognition to its preservation, conservation and perpetuity, with new regulations that are bringing a prosperous and dynamic development.
Ruralisation is an expected process nowadays due to the overpopulation of the urban areas.
The search for a calm space away from the noise pollution, traffic and stress in the suburb areas (connected by subway and with small businesses, schools and services) is changing the way that people look at these towns, aiming more and more for a better quality of life.
Our current environment situation leads us to a world that needs to change, a world where sustainable public transport, bicycles and pedestrianization have become necessary. Therefore, this towns close to Valencia connected by subway and with cycle lanes have become the ideal destination to live.