Ûrbanites is born from the need to dignify the real estate business through a direct professional and honest way of reaching deals and connecting ideas 

We believe that the most important goal in the real estate management is to guide our clients by getting to know their real needs to offer a variety of solutions that they can understand and adapt to get the best results. A real estate agent should be a leader whose job is to direct and guide his clients so that they can reach their dreams and goals the best possible way.
There are no magic tricks to sell or rent a property since the market has its own logic behavior, and our mission is to explain this behavior and logic reasons to our clients so that they have enough grounds to make their own decisions.


Ûrbanites was born (even though we have been in this business much longer)


Sold properties since we opened our doors, 10 months ago


Our clients have evaluated us with lots of support in our last review!

“The world has a million roosts
for a man, but only one nest

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Real Estate Agent and Civil Law Consultant. He starts his journey in the field in 2015 as a counsellor to get to know the real estate law better and gain more abilities in the property management and the recruitment and transaction of properties. After a good enough period of freelance counselling, the opportunity to build up his own project becomes real; a full service real estate agency from which the client gets orientation at all levels.

– Nicolás Torrano

Real Estate Agent and Economist expert in taxes, tribute and property development. He starts his journey in the field while finishing his college degree. He worked at the legal consulting agency Pérez Domingo in the tax area before launching Ûrbanites with Nicolás Torrano.

– Jerónimo Borgiattino